discounted real estate investor listings in st. louis mo.

Although there are some real estate investors who invest in St. Louis real estate just get out of their house and to have something to do, most of us get into the real estate business to make money.  

Savvy investors know that one of the best ways to make money is to also cut cost.  


Most real estate listings have commissions of 6-8%.  Our discounted investor listing is only 5% on residential properties with 2.5% going to the buyers agent.  And all that money you are saving on commission goes straight into your pocket.  

This is a full service real estate listing at a big discount for investors.  

If you are ready to get started saving money to put into your pocket then call me at 314-643-8811 or use the contact form below.  

Contact Us to move forward the your discounted investor listing.  

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Buy - sell - and focused on investments. 

John Skaggs SFR, SRS